Hilary Walker Talks Fresh Flowers

It’s time for blogger and design doyenne Hilary Walker’s Wednesday weigh in on “feathering your first nest.” This week she talks a little “flower power.” Enjoy!


By Hilary Walker

Want in on a little secret? The things that you beautify your home with don’t have to be permanent. One of the most affordable ways to brighten your home and literally bring life to your interior is through a fresh arrangement of flowers. Truly, it does wonders! A dull room can look instantly charming and cheerful with fresh flowers. They offer the ability to decorate for the seasons and live out a variety of styles week by week without the commitment of a major investment. Sure, they don’t last forever. Sure, you may not be able to indulge in the fanciest species every time. Sure, it may feel like an indulgence when you purchase them simply for your own pleasure. But they will make your heart sing!! Besides, how much did you spend on that tasty latte this morning, or those glossy magazines? Ahah! Caught ya!! Some of the nicest things are small and temporary.

If you have a good flower market nearby by, fantastic!! If not, your local grocery may be a great resource for flowers too. Places like Central Market and Whole Foods have wonderful varieties! 

I like to go the mix and match route when shopping for flowers at the grocery. Not all groceries offer this option, but if they do, I recommend it. This is where you can create your own bouquet by selecting a handful of bundles from a certain group of flowers for a discounted price. Half the fun is having something unique and personal, so why skip out on this opportunity by choosing something that’s already been done for you?

I know, I know…. You don’t know which flowers to choose. (Sometimes I don’t either!) Here’s the easy-to-remember formula I go by when selecting my flowers…

Big Bloom + Small Bloom + Filler

Easy as pie. You can see that’s what I did with my arrangement in today’s post. It’s all about scale and proportion, my friends!
And finally, here are five easy tips I’ve learned from experience to keep your blooms looking great for longer:
  • 1. Cut the stems at the base before creating your arrangement
  • 2. Clean up the stems of leaves and branches so that nothing rests in the water
  • 3. Change the water daily!!
  • 4. Don’t fill the water to the brim of the vase (if you’re changing it daily, you won’t need to worry about it running out)
  • 5. Pull out dead or wilted flowers as time passes and rearrange for a fresh, new look


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