Friday Fun With ID Collection’s Jim Williamson

Hello, party people. It’s Friday. Feels like it should be a little closer to 5 pm, but otherwise all is well. And things are about to get a little bit better thanks to the musings of ID Collection’s Jim Williamson.

What was that smell?

I’ll admit it, it was me. I was trying to cook. Why? I was hungry. After years of being single and watching the waistline, I’m now part of a couple and really hungry! The last meal I cooked that didn’t involve a toaster oven was back in January, and that was a really stressful ordeal. The dish required lots of ingredients, lots of prep time. As always, I never have enough time. The result was a solid C+ dish.

So this time, I wanted to keep things simple. I planned to work with stuff that was already in the fridge. I wanted to make something quick, which is tough because I still have no clue where anything is in this kitchen. I went with some herb encrusted chicken breast, mashed new potatoes, and received a helpful lesson on cooking artichokes with lemon and a mustard sauce. All were pleased. The following night, he made his version. Battle of the breasts.

Speaking of things that are hot, few are serving up more beautiful things than Weitzner. It’s no wonder her innovative products can be seen in world-class hotels and private residences near and far. My clients like her subtle, elegant colors and use of texture. Everything looks good and feels fresh. Aren’t these rolls just made for a fall day like today.

As to who won the best breast contest? I shouldn’t say, but the secret ingredient was Hellmann’s.