Create A Great Looking Room for Not Much Cash

In her new weekly series, our lovely intern Caitlin Adams takes on the trusty “look for less.” She kicks things off by sussing out all the ingredients you need to recreate this fetching room she spotted on Pinterest. Enjoy!

(Psst — I like her take better than the original.)


By Caitlin Adams

Hello there lovely readers! I am so giddy to bring you the first installment of the new weekly post, “High/Low.”

After a hectic summer of pool towels and flip-flops littering my living room, I am ready for a little simplicity when it comes to my home decor. During my daily blog browsing, I ran across this living room and fell in love with the neutral grays and creams. Doesn’t this just look like the perfect place to spend a brisk fall evening? After letting my mind daydream about lying on the couch, drinking coffee, and reading a novel, I realized this room was my perfect first target.

The first thing in this room that caught my eye was the oversized piece of sheet music hanging above the couch. Using a simple piece to make a bold statement? Genius! Sometimes it takes someone else’s creativity to remind me that art is indeed everywhere. It would be so easy (and affordable) to find your favorite piece of music and have it blown up at your local photo shop. (Ed. Note: Staples offers oversize printing.)

Another great thing about this room is all the possibilities it has for the coming season. A neutral pallet serves as the perfect backdrop when decorating for the holidays. A few of these pumpkins would look adorable clustered on the table.

Here are my finds for the rest of the room. You can snap them all up locally.



  • Thanks for Sharing these beautiful ideas for Home Decoration.

  • Not sure I think the picture makes the room more than the other stuff.