Animal Motifs: Love It or Leave It?

Anthropologie and West Elm are all about the animal motifs lately. Anthropologie even has a section of their website dedicated to the look. You can pretty much find any home accessory you desire in an owl form or a fox shape. I know this isn’t a new trend, but it is starting to show up in more practical items like iPod speakers and doorknobs. I personally could go without seeing another owl. How about you? Love it or leave it?

Clockwise from top Bubo cookie jar at Anthropologie($68), ceramic fox speaker at West Elm ($49), Calico owl knob at Anthropologie ($12), winter solstice animal dessert plates at West Elm ($8).


  • Cait

    I can deal with one or two critter accents, but it gets a little much when homes are decorated with the entire cast of Bambi.

  • A little is fine, but a still life zoo in the living room is overboard. I’m personally digging the animal motif in fashion. Definitely better than leopard print overkill and fur.

  • I definitely love little animal figurines, cookie jars, candle holders, etc. and what’s happening in fashion, but I haven’t really gotten into them on plates… It’s like, “Hi, I love animals so much I got animal plates!”