Styling Beds with Abbe Fenimore, Tonia B., and Suzan Davidson at Peacock Alley Studio

I hit the Peacock Alley Studio in the design district over lunch today to take part in a little styling “challenge” (well there wasn’t a winner, so technically we were challenging ourselves to summons our styling prowess, but it was incredibly fun nonetheless). The actual assignment was to create our dream bed/surrounding area, using pieces from the studio. The sky was the limit, and friends, I took full advantage, tearing through that place like a madwoman, leaving a trail of pillows and blankets in my wake (sorry Laura, Katherine, and Brad).

My inspiration for my nook was the Montauk home of New York designers Roman and Williams (yes, we were asked to come with an inspiration), which I played homage to with a mix of texture heavy coverlets and pillows, some faux fur action, some gilded accessories, plus a few vintage pieces and books that I brought from home. Convinced my space needed a shot of green, I also nabbed a low-hanging branch off the tree in front of the studio, which I’m pretty sure is bad form from an eco perspective, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, yes?

The lovely Abbe Fenimore of Studio Ten 25, Tonia B. of Chic Modern Vintage, and Suzan Davidson of Suzan Davidson Designs also took part in the fun. (To my knowledge they did not harm any flora in the process.) I’ll have a full reveal of all our spaces in a couple of weeks.

Stay tuned.


  • The energy you ladies brought to the store and the sense of style was well worth a few pillows in the rafters! Come and see us again when you can stay longer!

  • Paul Ling

    Sounds like a lot of fun… wish I was there to take part. I am wanting to see pics!
    We extend that offer to any person that wants to make their dream bed? Come see us!

  • We loved the sprig so much, water was added to the vase and now its on display. We loved having you in the store.

  • Thank you to everyone at Peacock Alley for letting us take over! It was a blast and I can’t wait to see what everyone came up with! Thank you Joslyn for the shout out and I’m obsession over that Bella throw and pillow….I think I can make that work at home!

  • Lush, textural, inviting, and earthy… exactly the kind of beauty I’d expect from you, Joslyn!! Can’t wait to see the rest of what each group designed.

  • I can’t wait to see everyone’s dream bed. Yours looks so lush!

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