Pretty Amethyst Boxes at Blue Print

On a recent shopping trip to Blue Print in Uptown, I picked up these amethyst-adorned boxes and couldn’t resist snapping a picture. The pieces are part of Claire Crowe’s new retail line called Alchemy Collection.  You may know Crowe’s current to-the-trade business Hearth Art, a collection of artful and original fireplace screens and accessories. Crowe designs each piece, and a group of local craftsmen carry out her vision.

Crowe started the Dallas-based company with inspiration from her childhood in Arkansas. “Arkansas has wonderful amethyst fields, and I’ve forever been a fan, ” she explains. The boxes and jars are truly one-of-a-kind. “There isn’t an endless supply of materials. No two are alike,” she explains. She also includes accessories with materials like onyx, orange creedite, and pyrite.

The amethysts on the top of the boxes pictured ($135 for the small boxes, $160 for the tall) are mined from a mountain in Brazil. They have a delicate and feminine vibe. Use them for organizing jewelry, or placing on top of a stack of books. Or, perhaps you can place the jars on your bar cart to help prevent drunkenness. Yes, the ancient Greeks wore the stone when sipping their mead, as they believed the violet quartz thwarted intoxication. Medieval soldiers wore them to keep a cool-head. If there’s any truth to any of that, we could certainly use a box (or five) around the office.