Some Neighborhood Finds

I extolled the virtues of Bishop Arts District’s latest addition, Neighborhood, in our July/August issue, so I thought it would be fun to kick-off the weekend with a few standout products gracing the shop-cum-design studio’s shelves.

Behold the bright, poppy goodness.

1. Yves Klein blue coral atop a Lucite block (you know of my love for the Lucite block, yes?)/2. graphic rendering of Dallas neighborhoods/3. blown-glass hourglass/4. design books galore/5. color saturated mixing bowls and measuring cups


  • So cool! I need to visit this store immediately!

  • I’m especially fond of the Bishop Street Market in Bishop Arts district. They have an excellent hand-picked selection of gifts and additions to your decor – with free gift wrap.

    (it doesn’t hurt that they carry my coffee table book – but the reason we approached Michael to carry it is because we think his store absolutely rocks!)