French Movies, 3D Simulators, and Fresh Flowers: Annika Cail’s Favorite Things

Annika Cail can throw a party, and we’re not talking of the pizza and beer variety. When she helmed 521 Events, she orchestrated shindigs for dignitaries, presidents, and celebrities. Shindigs like, say…the Dallas Rocks inaugural gala honoring Magic Johnson and Eva Longoria with proceeds benefitting Russell Simmon’s The Diamond Empowerment Fund.

You get the idea.

Now Annika channels her time into being wife to a serial entrepreneur and mom to two-year-old Nile Henry. She’s also a (hugely) active civic volunteer (think: Kidney Texas Committee Member, Junior League of Dallas, The Entrepreneur Organization, The Phoenix House Associates Group Advisory Board, and Dallas Challenge “Art For the Heart” founder, The Partners Card Committee Member).

Suffice to say, Annika is one impressive lady. So of course, we had to find out more. Herewith some of Annika’s favorites, enjoy.

(1. Amelie/2. The city of light/3. Versailles Grand Galerie/4. The Perot Museum of Nature and Science via Life of An Architect/5. Hermes scarf/6. Flowers via Hello Love/7. Polly Burrough’s Guide to Martha’s Vineyard)

Read Annika’s full list after the jump. 

  • 1. Versailles Grande Galerie — Versaille has been my princess dream since childhood and the Grande Galerie is the pinnacle of its grandeur. The reflecting light overlooking the gardens give you a since of floating while you walk the passageway. That or a nifty signature camera trick from Spike Lee.
  • 2. My mothers Hermes scarves — My mother has an extensive collection of vintage Hermes scarves from my ex-step-father (21st century families). Growing up, I remember after each of his golfing trips he always brought back the notable orange box or a piece of jewelry. I hope to train my hubby as well.
  • 3. Amélie — My favorite movie of all time! The quintessential tale of self discovery and love set in my favorite city of all time is my movie night go-to. Add my husbands’ famous truffle popcorn, Coalvines White Special pizza, red wine and it’s a special night.
  • 4. Our upcoming Martha’s Vineyard Vacation — This will be our first beach vacation as a family and we are looking forward to a break from the sweltering heat and enjoying the laid back beaches of the Vineyard.
  • 5. Paris — I am so inspired by this city day and night. The casual formality of the culture really shakes up our American norms and forces me to think outside of the box for design as well as entertaining. My trip next spring can’t come soon enough!
  • 6. Grass cloth wallpaper — My current pet project is redecorating my sons big boy room and I’ve spent many a sleepless nights flipping through wallpaper books and scouring the web for the perfect wall covering.
  • 7. Fresh cut flowers — One consistent in my life is fresh cut white flowers. They always make me feel at peace and add an organic element to our home.
  • 8. Our Ming dynasty jade jar — Glen Boudreaux and I are currently in process of redecorating my home and this piece is my key muse for the new design plan. The hand carvings and rich natural colors are so inspirational, I only hope the rest of our home compliments the jade as well.
  • 9. The Perot Museum of Nature and Science — Some of my fondest memories were the countless hours spent at the museum growing up. The bold architectural design of the new museum is groundbreaking and I can’t wait to experience the 3D simulators.
  • 10. Antique family photos — I’m in the midst of collecting and restoring family photos and have pictures dating back to the mid 1800s. The process is a discovery in family history and traditions and being from Louisiana the stories are always colorful.