Again and Again’s New Digs

I popped by to check out Again and Again’s newest home on Riverfront on Friday, and the digs did not disappoint.

Owner Leslie Pritchard is actually toggling between the old and new spaces, frenetically moving over scores of furniture and chairs (holy hell the chairs…Leslie is like the chair whisperer), so for the time being there are two places to nab some of her vintage goodness.

The new store is a bit of a hybrid of Leslie’s old Henderson Avenue showroom and her current warehouse full-o-diamonds in the rough, with the the front of the shop devoted to a smattering of artfully arranged refurbished pieces. But as you weave through the rest of the space the offerings become less polished.

The new formula allows shoppers to customize a piece with potential or walk out with something ready for prime time. The choice is up to you…

Either way, it’s good stuff.