The Pitfalls of My Ongoing Pinterest Love Affair

I have scads of copy to file today, so of course I’ve been trolling Pinterest for the past hour. (Apparently my approach to writer’s block is total avoidance/denial. It’s a bad scene.)

And one Mrs. Marybeth Reid of Dallas is not helping matters any, what with all the eye candy on her interiors-centric Pinterest boards… There are the cool pools, and the gallery walls, and the places to dine, and don’t even get me started on “a wee bit of indigo“.

Marybeth, you are killing me softly here.


  • Great. Thanks a lot, Joslyn. I was busy too. Oh, “A someday beach cottage.” Sigh.

  • That is absolutely hilarious! Marybeth is one of my most favorite people I have never met. Which I hope to remedy someday. She is so wonderful and has absolutely exquisite taste! Now the funny part, her pins the other day were so ridiculous I left her the very same comment, mb, you’re killing me!

  • Christine

    Wow who is this Marybeth? Good good stuff.

  • Lucy

    Little did I know that I’m the daughter of pinterest royalty. Thanks for giving my mom a shout-out, Joslyn.

  • Claire

    🙂 Lucky to call MB mom as well. She has so kindly helped me decorate my apartments over the years! Check out a blog post on her house: , and here is what she put together at my place:

  • Marybeth

    Thanks for the unexpected shout out Joslyn. Pinterest is quite the addiction for us all.
    Have a great weekend.

  • Talk about style!! Marybeth is awesome and so cool. I’ve never met her, but I am one of her Pinterest followers. That woman should start a blog. Listening, MB??