What Do Stripes and Shot Glasses Have In Common?

They both (or more specifically both of the specimens above spotted at Five and Ten) have the potential to make my summer far more enjoyable…

The stripes will serve as a uniform capable of making me feel presentable on even the sweatiest, most oppressively hot day (or in the words of my colleague Zac, “Hot. Super hot. DAMN HOT. Like someone threw a boiling cauldron of something you would keep in a cauldron all over you”). Stripes are magical like that.

And the Molla stag shot glass will make me smile when I’m measuring out the tequila for my margarita. (Specifically my margarita made with one shot of tequila, some fresh lime juice, and a little agave nectar… forget about that sickly sweet mix action.)

Ok, summer strategy set. I feel better now.