George Nash: Opulence is Back

Hendrix Allardyce boutique at George Cameron Nash

So sayeth King George in his imperious proclamation last week with the unveiling of the Hendrix Allardyce boutique at the George Cameron Nash showroom in the Dallas Design Center. The room itself, papered in a glorious antiqued silver Gracie wallpaper, is no less grand than George’s statement.  The Hendrix Allardyce Collection is known for old world style water gilded finishes and 17th and 18th c. European carved styles—you won’t find any “of the moment” strict, spare lines and neutral fabrics here.  The fabrics are Janet Yonaty’s plush silk velvets with intricate trims on the sofa cushions. The layering of gilded and distressed mirrors and sconces on the antiqued wallpaper seem to envelop you in the space—you feel special. And sometimes, less is less.


  • WmBTravis

    Oh my. Looks like the interior from the home Henry Hill bought after he came home from prison. Karen!!!!

  • TripleWillow

    Thank god, because I was really missing Opulence.

  • Zelda Rose

    “Opulence, I has it.” Where’s the miniature giraffe?

  • It was a shame the miniature giraffe wouldn’t fit, but the monkeys are on the other side of the room. A room full of just modern furniture can be stiff and a bore. A room full of all the new models we introduced can be no less considered overwhelming and “overkill.” The talented decorators in our city know how to extract a piece or two and use it to its fullest intent and opulent effect….