What Inspires Hilary Walker?

If Hilary Walker weren’t so lovely and kind, I might be a (wee bit) jealous of her numerous and diverse talents.

She is (among other things) a writer, stylist, interior designer, modern dancer (she performs with the Ft. Worth contemporary dance company CD/FW), and design social media maven. In that last role, she executes all the social media activities for Dallas-based Arteriors Home and contributes to Hello Splendor* (the blog for Pulp Design Studio).

{*As a side note, I participated in a little “Design Duel” over on Hello Splendor today if you want to take a peek.}

Oh and she also pens her own excellently curated space on Internet, Hilary Inspired.

Whew. Just writing that made me tired.

So of course we had to ask such a plugged-in talent to share some of her inspirations with us here on the blog, yes?

Here goes…

Life outside of Design – I spend about 80% of my time working in the design/ fashion industry. It’s always on my mind both professionally and personally. Occasionally, my husband challenges me to not think like a designer… as if that was even possible!! But, despite my inability to shed the designer mindset, I do find it vitally important to take time away from it all. Perspective is a part of the design process as much as anything else. Some of my most inspired moments happen when I’m not thinking directly about design. Taking a long afternoon walk in the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens, listening to my favorite album on my morning commute into Dallas, or (probably my favorite of all) attending my weekly modern dance class… all of these things are wonderfully rejuvenating and inspiring!

“Barry Dixon Inspirations” – Recently, I had the pleasure of hearing Barry Dixon speak at the Arteriors Home National Sales Conference in Dallas. He is perhaps the most gracious and humble designer I have ever met… and such a gentleman! I’m sure that has much to do with my current interest in his design work. Beyond is personal elegance, though, his design work is absolutely stunning! Barry gathers a great deal of inspiration from the natural environments surrounding the homes he designs. His layered, worldly, and usually traditional style may not always align with my own personal taste but, without a doubt, it is always executed beautifully! His latest book, “Barry Dixon Inspirations” gives wonderful insight into his work and process.

Organic Materials – As the social media writer for Arteriors Home, I have an opportunity to preview the newest products in process from their core and guest designer collections. One of the signatures elements of the Arteriors aesthetic is a strong focus on organic materials. Polished marble, distressed wood, hammered metal… these natural materials become incredibly sophisticated when sculpted into an interior product through the discerning eye of a designer. I’ve come to appreciate the simple elegance of these materials more and more over the years.

Vintage Textiles – I wouldn’t be honest about my design inspirations without mentioning something about vintage pieces. Whether it’s furniture or clothing, I’m always on the hunt for the next best treasure! Recently, I’ve been fascinated by the colors and textures of vintage textiles. Fabrics come and go with the trends of the times and can often reflect current fashions as much as the latest runway collection. This makes vintage fabrics especially interesting. My most recent discovery was this Asian-inspired textile upholstered onto a folding screen. I mounted it on my dining room wall and have found something new to love about it everyday!