Friday Fun with ID Collection’s Jim Williamson

It’s Friday! Time to check in with my funny valentine, ID Collection’s Jim Williamson. It’s over and good riddance. No, not my relationship with the DVR. And yes, I now get Apple TV. I’m not there yet okay. I’m talking about that fake holiday created by some vintage cherub, AKA greeting card executive. Is it really a holiday if we don’t get the day off? I don’t think so. Anyway that day has always stressed me out for several reasons. First, you have the “Will I receive a gift?” anxiety. You know that feeling you get as you wait to see if you will receive that jealousy inducing gift that you can prance around the office or show off to your  friends that says,”Hey look at me! I’m loved more than you.” By the way, this never happens. Okay, a couple times in my 20s, but I did have some damn fine hair back then.
Then you have the “Will I find that perfect gift that says, ‘I love you, but not too much’?” feeling. You know— just enough—but not that smothering kind of love that makes you want to scream and runway. Kind of like how I feel whenI hear Kenley speak on Project Runway. And finally, you have the “Will I be able to pull off the perfect dinner that says, ‘I can bring home the bacon
(bits), sauté (sounds less caloric than fry) them up in a pan, make two delicious sides which require lots of chopping—all while maintaining my cool and looking adorably manly and charming in my Havaianas?” feeling.
Well, as you know, I decided to cook that meal. It required one evening of shopping, two evening of cooking, and by the time dinner was over, three glasses of wine. As I began the prep work, it seemed like I was wearing more of the food than preparing it. Chives, onions, and potatoes flew as well as half a container of corn starch, which, when opened, flew out like a jack in the box. It not only covered me but also the floor, the counter, the stove, and the cat.  Hours and a roll-and -a-half of paper towels later, I threw opened the patio door to clear the smoke which also signaled “dinner is served.”
We dined on the seldom used dining table while the animals decided to start season three of When Animals Attack. There was more hissing and growling than the last time I tried to get my car from the valet at a particularly packed event. After dessert, which consisted of a homemade coconut cream pie with what I must say was the best meringue ever, we tried “normaling” on the sofa. As we tried to watch what seemed like hour 10 of episode 6 of Downton Abbey, I kept getting hit in the face with a slobber cover toy. Let me clarify, that would be the dogs chew toy! He requires more attention than a toddler with a tiara. Finally we just looked at each other and laughed, as it was obvious any form of romance was off the table.
So there has to be a lesson in here somewhere right? Let’s make today about proportions. Whether it’s a recipe for risotto potatoes, a relationship, the number of animals you have, or how to design a room, it’s all about the right proportions. Get that right, and you usually can’t go wrong. Speaking of proportions, this image from one of London’ finest, Designers Guild, has just the right proportion of color and mix of textures. This is from the Kimono Blossom Collection, which takes its inspiration from the exquisite gardens of Kyoto’s Imperial Palace Park, with its beautiful pond garden and Shusui-tei tea house. Of course, DG gives it a shake and a twist to make it modern and wonderful.  Girly, you bet. This image features wallpaper and fabric called Madame Butterfly. It almost looks like it was delicately painted directly on the wall. And it looks great up. The guys are upstairs hanging this in the showroom as I type.
So there you have it. We’ve made it through another week. This one just happened to be full of chocolate, potatoes chopped to 1/8-inch cubes, a little anxiety, and lots and lots of paper towels. Keep real and keep it in proportion. Happy Friday!!