Top 10 Things To Know About Gary Riggs and the New Gary Riggs Home Showroom

1. The new Gary Riggs Home showroom, located across from the Galleria, is a whopping 45,000 square feet.

2. Price points range from $7.50 to $25,000.

3. All merchandise was hand selected by Riggs himself.

4. Brands include Ralph Lauren, Baker, Henredon, Sherrill, Century, and more.

5. You can find everything from gifts and home accessories to artwork, furniture, and bedding.

6. The showroom also carries Riggs’ private line, Gary Riggs Art in Design.

7. Riggs and his team offer full interior design services.

8. Customization is available to fit each client.

9. There are thousands of fabrics to choose from.

10. The looks on display range from ultra-contemporary to very traditional.

*And a bonus No. 11: In a former life, Riggs helped create sets for the likes of Donny & Marie and the original Footloose. I’m pretty angry that I didn’t know this piece of information until now. So angry, in fact, I want to do this. Don’t bother me for the next two minutes and 47 seconds.

Jump for a peek inside the new showroom (photos by Mark Herron).



  • Mark

    I’m trying to furnish a 13,000 square foot home. I walk around this galleria showroom for about 40 minutes, saleswoman after saleswoman pass me by, acknowledging others, but not me. Keep in mind, I have a floor plan in hand, and I didn’t receive a single “Welcome.” Perhaps I didn’t fit the profile of what they consider a buyer to look like. I’m thoroughly offended, and I hope Gary teaches his sales staff to acknowledge all customers, and not just the one’s who might look a certain part. These women reminded me of some of the characters on the show “GCB.” I refuse to shop there, and I will discourage all my friends, constituents, and clients from shopping this showroom…ever. When I approached the desk to inquire about a console I had seen, my voice was already shaking because I was just so frustrated by feeling like a ghost in the showroom. I asked the woman for a price, she asked if anyone had been helping me, and I told her in a quivering voice, “NO, you are the first to acknowledge me.” She responded simply by paging the designer, “Robin,” and said no more. I waited, and one of the other sales ladies passed me by, that had passed me a few times before, who never acknowledged me. I waited a bit more, before just before turning around, and walking out. I decided the customer service was so cold and sub-par, they didn’t deserve any of my business. I’ve been to more exclusive show rooms than this, and received warmer welcomes.