Doors on Dragon—Highgate House

Highgate House on Dragon Street

New doors are opening on Dragon Street quicker than Highland Park Village (not quite as pricey, either.)  Some are pop-ups—the newest of the new buzz words intended to create just that—buzz; others are rather doubtful art galleries that probably aren’t going to have a long shelf life. Right now I’m liking Highgate House which just got it’s signage up for the last Design on Dragon—a welcome and different addition to the showrooms on the street and a more traditional point of view than others like Smink or Art of Old India.  Owners Aimee and Dudley Simms brought their collection of English antiques from their previous pop up in Highland Park Village, (see how this all comes together?) and have added a reproduction textile collection by Nicole Fabre and paintings by Charlotte Seifert compliments of the Norwood Flynn gallery. Check it out for a fresh viewpoint of traditional mahogany.


  • kay miller

    Yes! Highgate House is a great find! I have found wonderful antiques, art, and really unique accessories for my home there — when they were in hp vlg. and just last week during Partner’s Card in their new space on Dragon. I love it!!

  • Lauren White

    Aimee and Dudley Simms are so talented and Highgate House is a great reflection of their many talents! Their pieces are unique and well priced. Whether you are looking to add a few accessories or invest in statement pieces – they have it! I definitely suggest popping in!

  • Nancy Brown

    Love Highgate House’s new location on Dragon Street. You will love it too! Aimee and Dudley Simms have such an eye and have really created a wonderful space to shop for their English antiques and modern art. Love Charlotte Seifert’s paintings as well as Amy McKenzie’s.

  • Goodbones

    Bravo to D HOME BLOG for sleuthing out HIGHGATE HOUSE in their new location. I am always delighted to find the mix of traditional timeless pieces paired with some more current takes on home decor – but never too trendy.
    I also appreciate 3 specific things about this purveyor.
    1. The owners – down to earth, humble while having a vast knowledge of their trade.
    2. A showroom that is not “over worked or designed” I appreciate the “just unpacked” and easy
    “you may find your own treasure” display – you can almost imagine that you are at a European
    market, mmm – I can smell the toasted cheese and tomato sandwich.
    3. The well thought out pricing of items – better than fair – you may almost feel guilty when you
    leave with a treasure that you would have easily paid AT LEAST double for, just down the
    I am almost hesitant to leave this comment – since I like to keep HIGHGATE as one of my hip pocket “go to’s” but my Mom always said “share and share a-like”

  • Mary Margaret Winburne

    Highgate House’s new and permanent location on Dragon Street is truly a gift to Dallas! Aimee and Dudley Simms offer a lovely showroom complete with everything one needs to have a warm, and inviting home. It also bears mentioning that the Simms are the dearest couple and delightful to work with! The furniture, art, and accessories I have acquired from them are of superior quality, have timeless appeal, and are among my very favorites! I am so pleased that their unique decor is now easily accessible to all!

  • Dominique Jordan

    Great blog post – Highgate House is my favorite! I always love ALL of their diverse pieces, because the owners have such impeccable taste and an eye-for-buying when they purchase in England and elsewhere. Dudley and Aimee are wonderful to work with too, and will give you the same amount of attention and help if you’re furnishing your whole home, buying a little gift item, or even just asking advice. Thank you for highlighting this treasure in the Design District!