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What’s In a Name—Allegra Hicks

By Peggy Levinson |
Allegra Hicks for West Elm

When I saw the press release from West Elm featuring the new collection by Allegra Hicks I was captivated. One of my favorite decorating books of all time is “David Hicks—A Life of Design”, and find him to be one of the major taste makers of the century. The collection by Allegra is full of the signature Hicks look—small geometric patterns that are overlaid in fabrics and carpets, so I did a little research on how she’s related to the man himself. Actually she’s not, not blood related anyway.  She was married to Ashley Hicks, the author of the book and David’s son, but she is also a top notch textile  designer in her own right. My question is, did she marry Hicks to acquire the name of the design style she loved, or did her married name influence her own style?