Treasure Hunters

Staff photographer Elizabeth Lavin and I are known for the love of the hunt. We outfit our homes with items we have salvaged from some of the most obscure places. This morning on the way to work, I stopped by her photo shoot at Gold Metal Recyclers. Little did I know we would be stumbling upon a new obsession: digging through piles of scrap brass. Yes, friends this place has piles of brass objects waiting to be melted down. In a few short minutes, we managed to rescue at brass owl, eagle and buddha for just a couple dollars per pound.

If you like the thrill of the hunt (or you just like to wear a hard hat) check out Gold Metal Recyclers at 4305 South Lamar Street.


  • Elizabeth Lavin

    If you like this blog, you will LOVE our etsy site… Check it out for some brass.

  • Looks like my idea of Nirvana, right here in Dallas! To be honest, I’ve always wanted an excuse to wear a hard hat… But, I always try to support family-owned and Dallas-based businesses, A quick look at their website reveals Gold Metal Recyclers awesome at both. Already planning my next lamp base treasure hunt!