Preview But Don’t Miss Folk Art Market

Santa Fe Folk Art Market

There are so many reasons to go to the Folk Art Market in Santa Fe July 8-10, it’s crazy not to. The Festival invites 170 artists from 50 countries around the world to come together to show the world their culture’s particular artforms and crafts. It’s not “loving hands at home”, either, these artists are highly vetted and the average take home for each artist is over $15,000. Think about that in a mud village in sub-Sahara Africa with no electricity or running water and what it can mean to the community. It’s no secret that women artisans tend to use their money for their children’s welfare, new schools have been built in South America just from one artist’s take home profit. It is so inspiring and you can buy beautiful, authentic silks, leathers and beadwork and feel absolutely good about it. You won’t see your embroidered bag next to you at the Tom Thumb check-out, either. And it’s in Santa Fe in July which means it’s not 100+ temperature— I don’t even have to mention Santa Fe food—yum! For all the above reasons, book your tickets now. But, if you absolutlely can’t, there is a special preview party here in Dallas at the Grand Pavilion at the Trade Mart, June 22 from 6-8. RSVP now, you might just decide you can’t miss the real deal in Santa Fe.