From the Desk of Jim Williamson

It wouldn’t be Friday without a note from ID Collection’s Jim Williamson. Today, he’s talking my language: reality television. He says: “Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators seems to be the latest buzz-worthy reality show. Even my brother in Savannah texts me to see if I have any inside scoop on some of these decorators/reality stars. While I may not have the latest on these folks, I do have a MDD-worthy desk—or what I like to call a Modern Day Desk for the modern office. (See what he did there? -Ed) The Associate Desk by Bradley Hughes is made from hand-forged iron with Empire gold finish and hand-cast concrete top—this one in Bone. It’s also available with a modesty panel—but if we’re talking Million Dollar Decorator, I suppose we can throw modesty out the window. Anyway, why not update your work space with the coolest desk in town?”