Real Housewives of NYC and Rubelli for Your Friday Pleasure

Happy Friday! I hope yours has been better than mine. In the spirit of Friday afternoon, I will entertain you with two things. First, if you love to hate the Real Housewives of NYC, you have to read the Gawker recap. Second, I invite you to admire this picture that my someday-husband Jim Williamson of ID Collection sent to me. He says: “On a long flight to Zurich (which is not so bad if you live in NYC, but add the extra leg from DFW, an hour delay due to some type of sensor malfunction—somewhat disturbing!—not to mention not one, but two screaming babies. You get the idea…) Despite the free wine the very nice stewardess was providing, sleep would just not come. I decided to catch up on some episodes of The Borgias. While most people are following the twisted plot of the Showtime series, I am looking at all the lush fabrics used in the interiors and for the vestment. As my father once said, ‘Once a curtain pusher, always a curtain pusher.’ Anyway, Gianduja by the famed  Italian fabric house Rubelli is just one of many gorgeous new patterns out this summer. I don’t know about you, but I find it sinfully delightful, and it doesn’t require a trip to the confessional.” And with that, I’m off to the Monk. Have a great weekend, people!