Crazy or Cool: A Quilty Pleasure

quilted Kantha chest at Wisteria Outlet

I hadn’t checked out the new Wisteria Outlet on Cedar Springs—and it is truly a merchandise mecca, with fun pillow finds, beaded chairs, and out of the ordinary accesories like Russian hats on stands. Now, I’ve seen quilts made into all kinds of things: pillows, throws, rugs, even jackets. I haven’t, however, seen a chest upholstered with one. So is this crazy—think of how dusty and hard to clean this would be, (spill a drink? Yikes!); or cool—never having to worry about bumping your shin in the middle of the night. The Kantha chest is available for $1999.


  • Crazy, actually disturbing.

  • Timothy James

    don’t set your coffee cup on it!!