Alexander McQueen’s Military Brocade

Military Brocade by Alexander McQueen
The new Rug Company on HiLine Drive promises to be a treat—the London couple Christopher and Suzanne Sharp have built a magic combination using the world’s most extraordinary names in art and design like Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, and Eva Zeisel making handmade rugs with traditional age old techniques. And we’ll be enjoying the spectacle with the help and expertise of Michael Reagan, who we’ve been missing since Odegard closed their showroom here. Of course, the designer’s name on everone’s lips is Alexander McQueen after his untimely suicide early in the year and then having his successor Sarah Burton chosen for the most famous wedding dress in the world. Now you can have one of his original designs without going to the couture department—Military Brocade is available in various sizes and runs $300 a square foot. My question—who do you want to see design rugs for The Rug Company next?