Crazy or Cool: A Wild Bench

Readers of our print product know that, every now and again, we like to feature a unique item—maybe a table shaped like a dog or a chair that resembles a porcupine. We then ask five people for their take—is it crazy or cool? In the upcoming issue, we took on Springbok benches ($1,698/ What do you think? Crazy or cool?


  • I would say the price is “crazy” for sure.

  • Hmmm…the rattan curlicues remind me of Pier One accessories circa 1979, which places it in the crazy category, but the twisted horns add a sinister je ne sais quoi, which might just push it back into the cool category. I read somewhere that you should have one completely out of left field element in each room. This would fit the bill.

  • Love Love Love Love Love… But, then again, I’m a little crazy!