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COVID-19 Bulletin

New variant means cases could be on the rise. Dallas County is looking for COVID-19 in the sewage.
By Jencie Tomasek |

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins reported 589 new COVID-19 cases and 19 deaths on Friday.

The Dallas Morning News writes that Phil Huang, Dallas County’s public health director is helping the CDC to look for COVID-19 in your sewage.

ABC reports that COVID-19 cases are predicted to rise in the coming weeks due to new BA.2 variant, read more here.

Texas mask mandates for 19 Texas school districts are being upheld, including Austin ISD, despite Governor Abbott’s executive order banning mask mandates, KVUE reports.

Anti-masker Serafina Liccardi pleads guilty  at Dallas federal courthouse for hitting a security officer who told her to wear a mask. Read the story from Dallas Morning News here.

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