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COVID-19 Bulletin (02/24/22)

Allen West won't be charged after airport mask conflict.
By Jencie Tomasek |

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins reports 597 new COVID-19 cases and eight deaths on Wednesday.

Republican candidate for governor Allen West won’t be charged after an altercation at DFW airport where someone allegedly called him an idiot while he was unmasked, the Dallas Morning News reports.

WFAA8 reports that COVID-19 numbers are slowly improving but North Texas doctors say to remain cautious.

The New York Times shows that several studies that several parts of the immune system can mount a sustained, potent response to any COVID-19 variant. If you’ve received a COVID-19 booster, researchers suggest you probably won’t need another for a long time.

The Wall Street Journal reports on why children’s innate immune systems help fend off COVID-19 more effectively than adults. The lower risk to children from the virus has discouraged some parents from getting them vaccinated.

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