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COVID-19 Bulletin (08/25/21)

Three day case total tops 3,500 new cases. Dallas judge to rule whether mask mandate can continue.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins reported a three-day total of 3,580 COVID-19 cases and 11 deaths on Tuesday. 

DFW Hospital Council CEO Steve Love reported 3,272 COVID-19 patients in North Texas hospitals, an increase of 136 from yesterday. This represents 22.3 percent of available bed capacity and 48.1 percent of adult ICU patients.

A Dallas County judge will decide whether a local mask mandate can continue even though Gov. Greg Abbott’s has banned local governments from doing so. Jenkins requested a temporary injunction against Abbott to top Abbott’s order from being enforced in Dallas County. Learn more with the Dallas Morning News.

In Harris county, officials were handing out $100 for getting the COVID-19 vaccine, and daily vaccinations have increased to six times what it was, Texas Tribune reports.


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