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COVID-19 Bulletin (06/10/21)

The Dallas Regional Chamber's vaccine awareness campaign. Texas families look to adopt COVID-19 orphans from India.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins reported 112 new COVID-19 cases and four deaths on Wednesday.

The Dallas Regional Chamber is launching a COVID-19 vaccine awareness campaign so that local businesses can return to pre-pandemic levels of activity, KERA reports. The “Take Care of Business” campaign will target communities of color, who are disproportionately affected by the pandemic. The initiative will use advertising and sweepstakes to encourage people to get vaccines.

With the COVID-19 vaccine rampaging through India, Texas families are looking to adopt orphaned family or children. The country has 9,000 orphaned children because of the disease. But because of the pandemic, there are hurdles to these sorts of adoptions. Learn more with Texas Standard.


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