A Facebook post by Erin Brockovich spurred concern by Plano residents over the local water supply. (Photo by Dean Terry via Flickr)


COVID-19 Bulletin (04/22/21)

Vaccine demand is dropping. Nearly 6 percent of Plano caught COVID-19.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins reported 279 new COVID-19 cases and 8 deaths on Wednesday. “We’re seeing a decrease in the number of people seeking new shots and are accordingly changing our days and hours of operations at Fair Park to account for that decrease,” he tweeted.

Nearly six percent of Plano caught COVID-19 within the last 18 months, the Dallas Morning News reports. Overall, Collin County has experienced more than 73,000 cases and 811 deaths.

After the end of the mask mandate, businesses are trying to navigate how strict to be when it comes to masking. The Texas Tribune spoke with three very different businesses about how they are handling masking, from masking optional to strict enforcement.

The demand for vaccines is dropping, and Tarrant County Public Health director Vinny Taneja is asking for eligible people to sign up for a dose, KERA reports. “So the message for everyone to repeat to anybody they meet, let’s get vaccinated while the cases are low,” he said. “Don’t let your guard down because it can surge, examples abound all across, we’ve seen those.”


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