COVID-19 Bulletin (04/08/21)

About 100,000 kids in Dallas County have been accidentally registered for the COVID-19 vaccine. There were 378 new cases and 22 deaths reported Wednesday.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins reported 378 new positive COVID-19 cases and 22 deaths. “All deaths are now completely preventable as there is no longer an appointment time or waiting list to get a vaccine,” he tweeted. 

Dallas County has mistakenly registered 100,000 kids for the COVID-19 vaccine even though the shots have not been approved for children yet. Federal officials have yet to give their approval for those under 16 with clinical trials for children younger than 16 are currently underway. The Dallas Morning News has more here. 

As much as $38 billion in federal COVID-19 relief is currently being left out of state budgets by Texas legislature budget writers. In the story from the Texas Tribune, state lawmakers are yet to decide what to do with the money as they sort out the details and politics that come attached with it. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden’s medical adviser, urges Americans to “hang in there” as more and more people are vaccinated. Fauci says the finish line is on the way but noted that there isn’t going to be a precise number of new infections, hospitalizations or deaths that marks the finish line. Read more from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. 


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