COVID-19 Bulletin (03/24/21)

Many vaccinated nursing home residents will be able to visit their families for the first time in a year.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins reported 229 new COVID-19 cases and 19 deaths on Tuesday.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports on a new study that finds that those with high blood sugar may worsen outcomes for hospitalized COVID-19 patients. The study of more than 700 COVID-19 patients admitted to a New York hospital found that people who have high blood sugar face worse outcomes from the disease — including ICU admission, mechanical ventilation, kidney injury and death — than those with normal blood sugar levels. 

After a year of isolation, many vaccinated Texas nursing home residents can now see their families. The new rule from state health officials allow those fully vaccinated against COVID-19 allowed contact and visits from their loved ones as long as the facility permits it. Here’s more from the Texas Tribune. 

Rural communities are bracing for a potential rush of vaccine seekers when the state makes every adult eligible, WFAA reports. Urban residents have been heading to rural locations throughout the pandemic to find vaccines.


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