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COVID-19 Bulletin (02/22/21)

Thursday's total tied the most deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, at 50. 600,000 vaccination doses are on the way to Texas.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins reported 50 deaths on Thursday, tying the most daily deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. He reported 40 deaths on Friday, 25 deaths on Saturday, and 22 on Sunday. There were just 273 new cases reported on Sunday.

The state cut Dallas County’s allotment of vaccine first doses from 40,000 to 20,000 this week, because FEMA is providing 20,000 doses as well. But the 20,000 doses from FEMA can only be directed to 17 economically disadvantaged ZIP codes. Learn more with the Dallas Morning News.

Texas will make up for delayed deliveries of the vaccine this week, with 600,000 doses on the way to the state. The Texas Tribune reports that the doses will go to  563 providers in 230 counties across Texas, including 84,240 doses for  Harris, Dallas and Tarrant counties.

Texas Motor Speedway will open back up as a vaccination hub on Wednesday. It will be prioritizing second dose recipients and will be contacting first dose recipients via email and text, WFAA reports.


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