The Fair Park COVID-19 vaccine site (courtesy: Dallas County)


COVID-19 Bulletin (02/17/21)

Vaccine shipments have been delayed. In Dallas County, 245 new COVID-19 cases are "artificially low" due to the winter storms.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins reported 245 new COVID-19 cases and 13 deaths. “Our numbers today are artificially low due to the cold weather disrupting reporting processes. The overall trend though over the last two weeks has been very positive in that cases are declining,” he tweeted.

Snowstorms across the state have delayed Texas ‘ latest shipments of COVID-19 vaccines. The CDC has put the deliveries on hold and doesn’t expect any more to arrive until Wednesday at the earliest. KERA has more.

The Texas Capitol has installed 1,000 new air cleaning units at a cost of $1 million, but the details of the purchase are unclear. Learn more with the Dallas Morning News.

The Texas Tribune reports that 407,000 first doses and 333,000 second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine were stopped from being shipped on Friday ahead of the bad weather.


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