A COVID-19 mobile testing facility in New York, not unlike what you'll find at Ellis Davis Field House and the American Airlines Center. (Sgt. Amouris Coss / Flickr)


COVID-19 Bulletin (01/11/21)

Dallas County sets a new record for new daily cases, with more than 5,400 over the weekend.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins reported more than 5,400 cases on Saturday and Sunday, including a record on Saturday, with 3,194 new cases. The county has 6,000 doses of the vaccine, and more than 123,000 people have signed up for the COVID-19 registry.

Starting Monday, Dallas County will begin vaccinating residents that meet the requirements set by the state at Fair Park in South Dallas. The goal is to add vaccination sites to underserved communities. The Dallas Morning News has more about how the location was chosen.

Texas hospitals are treating more patients than ever, with 28,545 fatalities connected to the virus statewide. Health officials say that the state cannot vaccinate their way out of the problem, the Texas Tribune reports.

As new variants of COVID-19 are discovered, people are worrying about whether the vaccine is effective against it. KERA reports that the Pfizer vaccine is effective against the more contagious variants found in Great Britain and now Houston.


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