2020’s Most Read D CEO Healthcare Stories

To the surprise of no one, COVID-19 news makes up the entire list.

2020 is a year many would like to forget. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken nearly 400,000 lives in the United States and almost two million worldwide, most of the economy was shut down and much of it irreparably damaged, and even though there is a vaccine, the death toll and new cases across the county has never been higher.

COVID-19 had the eyes and ears of the world in 2020, and D CEO Healthcare’s top stories reflect that as well. Many of this year’s top stories include unique and powerful data from the Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation, which is mapping the prevalence of and vulnerability to the virus across Dallas County.

Most will probably not want to relive the doom of the last year, so I doubt this piece will make it on next year’s most read list. But if you wish to look back at how the pandemic impacted coverage, read on.

Over the summer, Dallas County became one of the places where COVID-19 was running rampant.

1. Now Dallas County Ranks as a Top Five COVID-19 Hot Spot

PCCI began the summer mapping vulnerable Dallas County ZIP codes based on mobility, transportation, and health factors.

2.The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Most Vulnerable ZIP Codes in Dallas

Continuing their work, PCCI was able to predict where the disease would have the biggest impact in the county.

3. Where COVID-19 Is Likely to Strike Hardest in Dallas

In March, we profiled PCCI, which had begun mapping the first cases in the region.

4. The Nonprofit Mapping COVID-19 in Dallas

A epidemiology leader at UT Southwestern emphasized the importance of contact tracing and social distancing in order to bring Dallas back to normalcy. It didn’t happen.

5. This Is How Dallas Gets Back to Work

In April, when these locations were not as plentiful, we began keeping a list of testing sites. Now there are apps for such things.

6. Here’s Where You Can Get a COVID-19 Test for Free in DFW

In November, the cases began to jump up after a lull in the early fall. PCCI was mapping the increase, which wasn’t pretty.

7. Amid a New Rise In Cases, Where Are Dallas’ Latest COVID-19 Hotspots?

During the summer peak, COVID-19 in Dallas meant the county had more cases than many entire states.

8. DFW Has More COVID-19 Hospitalizations than 35 States—And 8 Aren’t Reporting

Back in February, we asked the question of whether or not Dallas was prepared for what was to come.

9. Is Dallas Ready for Coronavirus?

With worry beginning to settle in, there was an early false report of a case in Dallas, but before long the city would be inundated.

10. False Alarm: There Are No Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus in DFW


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