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Meet Health Wildcatters’ Latest Cohort

The accelerator grows its portfolio with the addition of nine new healthcare start-ups.

Dallas-based healthcare accelerator Health Wildcatters announced nine new start-ups this September, with companies that specialize in new forms of ADHD monitoring, developments in genomics data collection, solutions to growing rates of myopia, and more.

“This years’ nine new portfolio companies were selected from a record-breaking pool of applicants, increasing the geographical diversity of our portfolio to include three countries and twenty-eight home states,” said CEO Dr. Hubert Zajicek via release.

With nine new start-ups, Health Wildcatters enters its eighth year as a supporter of 77 start-ups across the North Texas healthcare industry. Over the years, the accelerator has grown to be a nationally-ranked program with over $100 million raised.

In light of the pandemic, the accelerator plans to rely primarily on remote meetings and mentorship to educate start-ups. “While the majority of the program is offered for remote participation this year, we can increase our reach to include mentors and speakers from all over the world via Zoom,” Zajicek said via release.

See below to read about Health Wildcatters’ newest portfolio additions.

Firstlook AI – Firstlook AI was created with the hope of decreasing hospital and medical costs while increasing healthcare efficiency. The start-up utilizes artificial intelligence to implement clinical decision support systems, computer-based programs that analyze healthcare data. Associative memory classifiers are specifically used to create algorithms that predict medical needs. Through Firstlook AI’s development, patient outcomes and labor performance are expected to improve significantly.

Iluria Health – Founded by bioinformatic and ADHD professionals, Iluria Health’s goal is to provide better treatment and solutions for ADHD patients and their families. The company implements monitoring software to evaluate changes in patients’ physiological behavior. Expanding from commonly inefficient trial and error-based treatments, Iluria offers Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions that rely on smart wearable agnostics for passive, objective, and continuous monitoring.

Karyosoft – Karyosoft is a data science start-up that is developing innovative, genomics data-collection software programs. The company’s goal is to provide life scientists with access to all genomics data through one web-based intelligence platform. The development will allow scientists to reduce their time on data preparation and put more effort towards further discovery and evaluation. The company hopes to use genomics data analytics to solve human, animal, and plant health issues in the future.

Loop DX – Created to combat Sepsis diagnoses, Loop DX focuses on identifying immune activity biomarkers in patients’ bloodstream through biochemical testing. The start-up relies on vitro cellular immunoassay to monitor cells and provide healthcare workers with a better understanding of how to treat patients. The company’s procedure offers a faster diagnosis than pathogen identification. 

Spectrum Disinfection – Spectrum Disinfection specializes in creating emerging surface disinfectants to address COVID-19 and current health and sanitation issues worldwide. Spectrum has developed a process that stabilizes the pathogen-fighting disinfectant Chlorine Dioxide for household and commercial use, focusing on creating environmentally-sound solutions. Spectrum’s disinfectant products are intended to significantly slow and prevent the spread of diseases.

Echoscope – Created to assist individuals struggling with adult incontinence, Echoscope is developing a wearable bladder monitoring device. The company’s goal is to promote self-management of urination control through bladder intelligence. Echoscope compared its product to a Fitbit or glucometer for prostatectomy patients via LinkedIn.

Reopia Optics – To address the rapid increase of near-sighted individuals, Reopia Optics develops optics to prevent myopia in adults and young children. The start-up combats the Global Myopia Epidemic and the growing risks of blinding in more extreme near-sightedness cases. 

ColonAI – With the use of artificial intelligence, ColonAI helps physicians who focus on digestive system diseases. The company’s software is intended for use during colonoscopy to screen, detect, and treat tumors.

Digital Health Immunity is helping companies combat the COVID-19 pandemic through the development of advanced technologies. Their products are intended to reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

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