COVID-19 Bulletin (09/02/20)

Tuesday saw 455 new cases and 19 deaths due to COVID-19. Parkland has fewer critically ill patients.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins reported that various COVID-19 testing sites will be closed on Wednesday due to inclement weather. There were 455 new positive cases on Tuesday, and 19 deaths. There were 622 total cases reported on Tuesday, through 167 were from previous months.

Nurses from Parkland Memorial Hospital received fewer critically ill patients over the past few weeks. Parkland patients that were previously packed side by side in the ICU are now able to be cared for in private rooms, The Dallas Morning News reported.

Doctors and health experts are encouraging people to prepare for flu season by getting a vaccine. Children’s Health Dr. Preeti Sharma said she thinks distinguishing between COVID-19 and flu symptoms will be a challenge this season, NBC5 News reported.

Texas coronavirus hospitalizations have never been lower, but with schools reopening, cases could be up again. The current count has fallen from around 11,000 to 4,500 hospitalizations in recent weeks, The Texas Tribune reports.


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