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UT Southwestern’s Dallas Heart and Mind Study Partners with Perspectum

The long-standing and ongoing study will use MRI technology to measure the impact of chronic liver disease.
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UT Southwestern is partnering with medical tech company Perspectum in the Dallas Heart and Minds Study, where Perspectum’s liver scanning technology Will be used to measure chronic liver disease.

“In the previous examinations, we extensively characterized obesity and cardiometabolic risk factors in our cohort – we are about to gain a critical knowledge of how long-standing obesity and metabolic syndrome can affect liver health using LiverMultiScan by Perspectum,” says Dr. Jaret Berry, Principal Investigator, Dallas Heart and Minds Study via release.

The study, which was formerly known as the Dallas Heart Study, was designed in 1999 with the intent to follow patients for years and perform a comprehensive cardiovascular research program meant to improve the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of heart disease. The study has also expanded to look at other conditions, such as fatty liver disease, which is Perspectum’s area of expertise. Perspectum’s MRI technology will help researchers measure patients’ chronic liver disease helping researchers better understand the effects of environmental, genetic, and lifestyle factors.

“As part of our efforts to improve the care of patients, we are using LiverMultiScan to assess the liver in this large DHMS cohort hoping to further our understanding of obesity phenotyping in the liver,” says Dr. Carlos Duncker, Medical Science Liaison, Perspectum via release.

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