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Nextt Adds Protective Equipment to its Bedding Business

The local textile company is now manufacturing N-95 masks and hand sanitizer used all over the state.

Dallas-based Nextt, a multi-million dollar bedding company, is now making protective equipment including N-95 face masks, face shields, gowns, gloves and hand sanitizer. The company has created a new division, called Nextt Shield, which will important PPE from India for consumers and commercial customers.

Nextt normally manufactures sheets, towels, and pillows for retailers, but has already registered nearly 35 million protective equipment units to Texas institutions such as the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM), City of Dallas, Mary Kay Corporation and Texas Department of Public Safety. In addition, the Texas Education Agency will use Nextt’s hand sanitizer in schools this fall.

“Most PPE is made from fabric, so inspiration hit me when global pandemic conditions complicated the shipping of millions of dollars of textiles we typically supplied to U.S. customers,” Nextt CEO Arun Agarwal said via release. “I fast-tracked the new division, and my biggest advantage was having an existing supply chain with credible and capable manufacturers in India. Nextt Shield can get large volumes of PPE quickly into the hands of customers who desperately need them. I do hope the huge pandemic-need subsides, but we expect production and sales of medical supplies to be a long-term part of the business.”

The new division has been a boon to local businesses who serve workers across the country. “I served in the U.S. Army and held many senior leadership positions in the Defense Logistics Agency, so I understand the necessity of partnering with trusted leaders in the industry,” D.A. Lannom, Director of Operations for Texas-based VetJet Services, said via release. “Nextt Shield was able to deliver when others were not.”


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