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Medical City’s Tech Solution to Family Updates During COVID-19

The new service allows patient families to receive communication and updates.
By Plamedie Ifasso |

Medical City Healthcare is providing a new texting service that allows families of patients going through surgery a way to receive secure updates outside of the hospital.

As medical facilities tighten safety policies due to the COVID-19 pandemic, families have limited access to be in a hospital and visit patients. HCA Healthcare, Medical City’s parent company, created texting communication tool Informer for its hospitals to offer patients. Informer helps families stay connected to their relatives undergoing outpatient or inpatient surgeries.

Informer allows several family members to access the texting service, which can tell families important information such as when the surgery started, when it was completed, and when the patient leaves recovery.

“We recognize the importance of keeping families updated on their loved one’s surgical procedure every step of the way,” said Dr. Miguel Benet,  chief medical officer at Medical City Healthcare in a news release. “This communication tool is another example of our commitment to excellence always in patient care.”