Courtesy: Allied BioScience


EPA Approves Dallas-Based Allied BioScience’s COVID-19 Coating Protection

American Airlines has also entered a partnership with the company to use the product on their aircraft.

Dallas-based Allied BioScience announced a huge win this week, achieving EPA approval for their surface coating product SurfaceWise2, which protects against COVID-19 on surfaces for months. The EPA granted a public emergency exemption waiver for Texas-based customers – the first and only long-lasting defense agains the virus that has received federal approval.

American Airlines will also begin using the product on aircraft interiors throughout its entire fleet in the coming months. The one of several enhanced measures by the airline that include mainline flight and overnight cleanings. But studies have shown only a small percent of cases come from surface transmission, with the vast majority of transmissions occurring between people rather than surfaces.

“The American Airlines Clean Commitment is our promise that we’re taking bold measures and using the latest
products and technology to help ensure our customers’ well-being when they travel with us,” said David Seymour,
American’s Chief Operating Officer via release. “Thanks to rigorous evaluations conducted by the experienced professionals at the EPA, the American Airlines team and Allied BioScience, our multitiered program will become even stronger at safeguarding our customers and team members from virus such as coronavirus and the flu.”

The coating product is important for highly trafficked areas and locations, like airplanes, schools, and retail spaces that are too difficult to clean after contact. The solution kills 99.9 percent of germs and viruses, and protects areas for up to 90 days.

“The EPA approval clears the way to begin effectively protecting consumers against COVID-19 as the only solution proven to provide long-term, non-toxic surface protection from the virus,” said Michael Ruley, CEO, Allied BioScience. “We have been eager to bring our product to market and look forward to partnering with leading Texas-based companies to keep Texans safe in the fight against COVID-19.”


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