COVID-19 Bulletin (08/17/20)

Due to a coding error, Dallas County added 5,361 cases on Sunday. All but 166 were from tests conducted in July.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins reported 5,361 new COVID-19 cases and one death on Sunday due to a backlog of cases in the state database caused by a coding error. All but 166 of them were from the backlog of cases. “It is expected that there will be more batches of cases missed by the State’s system being reported in the coming days,” Jenkins tweeted.

Tarrant County added 688 new cases on Sunday, half of which were due to the same coding error, NBC5 reports. There were also eight deaths.

Statewide, there were 124,000 previously unreported COVID-19 cases due to a backlog at a hospital lab and a commercial lab, The Texas Tribune reports. About 95,000 of the new cases were from one lab that allegedly sent faulty data to the state, which is still trying to figure out when the tests were actually given.

COVID-19 trials at UT Southwestern and Baylor University Medical Center are underway, focusing on treating those with milder symptoms with some of the first medicines developed specifically for coronavirus, rather than treatments for other viruses, The Dallas Morning News reports.


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