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COVID-19 Bulletin (08/10/20)

The number of people hospitalized in Texas due to COVID-19 is the lowest its been since early July.
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Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins reported 540 additional COVID-19 cases and five deaths on Saturday, and 843 additional cases and four deaths on Sunday. “Please avoid any activity where you’re around people outside your home unmasked & please enjoy your weekend,” he tweeted.

Hospitalizations due to COVID-19 in Texas have dropped to their lowest levels since early July. There are 7,437 people hospitalized in Texas, occupying 13.7 percent of all hospital beds, The Texas Tribune reports.

State officials are still trying to figure out if they will be tracking COVID-19 data in schools, with many just days away from starting. While schools do have to notify the state if a communicable disease is being spread, the law doesn’t currently require the data to be aggregated to see how the disease is spreading on certain campuses, The Dallas Morning News reports.

KERA spoke with a Texas Health cardiologist about broken heart syndrome, or stress-related cardiomyopathy, where heart dysfunction is caused by emotional physiological stress, and how the pandemic could be causing a rise in its prevalence.

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