COVID-19 Bulletin (08/05/20)

Dallas reports its second-deadliest day with 31 deaths and 641 new cases.

The higher than average COVID-19 death rates continue as new cases remain below 1,000. The Dallas Morning News reports 31 deaths from COVID-19 in Dallas County on Tuesday, its second-deadliest day since the pandemic began. It also reports 641 new cases.

Though the state of Texas publishes data on COVID-19 cases, tests, hospitalizations, and deaths, the numbers are constantly being changed as standards shift and errors are corrected. It has led some to doubt the data, but health officials say the data is helpful as long as the consumers realize that precise data on an unknown disease is nearly impossible to track, The Texas Tribune reports.

Dallas County may be withholding payment from the company running the largest public COVID-19 testing site at the University of Dallas after irregularities were discovered. Tests from the site were coming back with a seven percent positive rate, while the site at Parkland Hospital had around a 17 percent positive rate. DMN has more.

Researchers at UT Austin created a model to show what schools can expect as school opens in terms of COVID-19 cases, WFAA reports. The model shows that a 500 person school in Dallas County would expect five positive tests among students in the first week, which doesn’t include students spreading the virus to other people.


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