COVID-19 Bulletin (07/27/20)

Dallas County set a new record over the weekend for new COVID-19 cases, but some hospital systems are resuming elective surgeries.

After several days in a row of new cases below 1,000 in Dallas County, Judge Clay Jenkins reported a record 1,279 new cases on Saturday, with the number dipping back down to 800 on Sunday. There were 18 deaths reported on Saturday, and one on Sunday.

After suspending their elective procedures for two weeks, Texas Health Resources and Medical City health systems are resuming elective surgeries with case numbers trending downward. To preserve bed capacity and staff, the systems had previously suspended elective surgeries earlier in the month. Read more from The Dallas Morning News.

New COVID-19 cases are plateauing in Texas, which may be a result of the statewide mask order, but health experts warn that another shutdown may be necessary. Some areas are still adding new cases ten times faster that what they were in the spring, and a shutdown in those areas could be the answer. Learn more from The Texas Tribune. 

DMN spoke with three physicians about receiving a potential COVID-19 vaccine, of which 27 are currently in the trial phase. All three said that as long as the data from the human trials looked promising, they would have no problem being vaccinated.



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