COVID-19 Bulletin (07/22/20)

Cases dip below 1,000 in Dallas County for the first time in weeks, but hospitalizations statewide reached another high.

For the first time in nearly three weeks, Dallas County reported under 1,000 new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, with just 734 new cases and 11 deaths. The lower number of cases was accompanied by a plateauing of hospitalizations, The Dallas Morning News reports.

Statewide, though, hospitalizations have a reached a new all-time high after declining for two days. 10,848 Texans are currently hospitalized due to the virus. Dig into the data with The Texas Tribune.

In Tarrant County, 633 new cases were reported with 5 deaths. There have been a total of 22,665 cases, 304 deaths and 10,894 recoveries in the county, according to NBCDFW.

Health experts are warning against a false sense of security that children aren’t susceptible to COVID-19, even as the number of children who have contracted the disease rises statewide and the beginning of school just weeks away. Through mid-July 11 percent of all cases have been children. DMN has more.


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