COVID-19 Bulletin (07/06/20)

Dallas County posts more than 3,000 new cases over the holiday weekend amongst "rampant community spread."

Dallas County counted more than a thousand new cases on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, though Sunday saw no new deaths. Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins called it “rampant community spread,” KERA reports.

Officials and experts in Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston have expressed worry that local hospitals will run out of room in the coming weeks if case numbers don’t go down. Texas currently has 8,181 people hospitalized dur to COVID-19, a record number. The Texas Tribune has more.

Health experts put to bed fears that wearing a mask can do any medical harm other than slight discomfort. The Dallas Morning News reports that wearing one doesn’t reduce your oxygen level, increase carbon dioxide toxicity, or weaken one’s immune system.

Tarrant County adds 585 new cases and three deaths after a two day break in reporting due to the holiday. COVID-19 patients increased from eight to 11 percent of total hospital beds, the highest it has been. Learn more from NBC5.


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