COVID-19 Bulletin (07/02/20)

DFW adds more than 1,100 new cases on Wednesday, as the federal government plans blitz testing of those under the age of 35.

Dallas County reported 544 new cases on Wednesday, and seven deaths. Tarrant County added 605 new cases on Wednesday after adding 606 cases on Tuesday. The Dallas Morning News has more.

Texas counted more than 8,000 new cases on Wednesday, more than doubling the total from just two weeks ago, The Texas Tribune reports.

The federal government is planning a blitz of testing for younger people to get a better handle on the virus, doing a months worth of tests in just a few days for those under the age of 35 in “moderately sized communities, DMN reports.

Four of the top five positivity rates (positive tests divided by test administered) in the nation’s metro areas are in Texas, including DFW at number 4. Texas as a whole had a rate of 14 percent, surpassing Governor Greg Abbott’s “red flag” rate of 10 percent he set earlier this year. The rate shows how fast the disease is spreading. WFAA has more.


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