Medical City Expands Antibody Testing to All CareNow Locations

It is still unclear how antibody testing will impact future immunity.

CareNow clinics in DFW are offering COVID-19 and antibody testing for all its locations. If a resident has been experiencing symptoms or was sick, an online screening tool can help patients understand if they should receive a test.

Testing results are usually available within 48 hours. The CareNow locations are limiting the number of visitors, doing extra cleaning of patient areas, screening all patients and visitors, practicing social distancing and spacing out arrival times.

Antibody testing can help a patient know if they have had the disease, and after some inconsistent testing, most tests are now only provisionally approved by the FDA. What is still unknown is whether or not the antibody testing affords some level of immunity, and for how long. With past coronavirus infections, antibodies have ranged from providing immunity for a few months to a few years. For other viruses, antibodies can provide immunity for a lifetime.

Time and research will tell what having antibodies actually means for patients. Learn more about testing and locations here.



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