COVID-19 Bulletin (06/17/20)

The New York Times exposed a $2300 COVID-19 test in suburban DFW. The Onion covers Dallas' COVID-19 response.

The New York Times highlighted a lab in Irving that was charging as much as $2,315 for a COVID-19 diagnostic test, when most tests cost just $100. The lab is not doing anything different than the other labs, but is taking advantage of how coronavirus treatment is reimbursed.

Dallas County reported 306 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, and eight deaths. Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said he hopes Governor Abbott will allow local control over mandating wearing masks, but Abbott claimed Jenkins wanted to “play sheriff” and arrest people for not wearing masks. The Dallas Morning News has more.

Governor Abbott encouraged Texans that the uptick in hospitalizations was manageable for the state, and that threat level was low despite record COVID-19 hospitalizations. He said there is plenty of room to expand beds, if needed. KERA has more.

If you need a laugh, Dallas received The Onion treatment when it wrote about the city entering “Phase 4 Of Pretending Coronavirus Is Over.” The parody site quoted a fake Mayor Eric Johnson, saying “In order for this to be effective, however, we’re instituting guidelines requiring all residents to convince themselves that they can no longer contract or spread this disease.”


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